Exceptional Customer Service

Aquazen’s core values of integrity, exceptional customer service and efficient results are the focus of every project we approach.

Our management team consist of PROFIT 500 recipient ‘s within the plumbing and drain industry. With over 2 decades of professional service experience your trust is our success.

Decades of Professionalism

In today’s modern world Aquazen Services is focused on providing regular maintenance, trouble shooting and full non invasive pipe restoration for the condo and commercial Indistry. Taking advantage of over 20 years experience with non invasive pipe restoration methods and regular plumbing maintenance our senior management team are always providing free and professional plumbing consultation. 

Bringing Innovation To the Plumbing World

Aquazen Services is the first ever plumbing company to provide a fully automated flood prevention system for high rise condominiums. Bringing the Internet Of Things (IOT) to a traditional trade, backed by our exceptional customer service shows our dedication to creating peace of mind to homeowners around the world.