Hidden Opportunity For Energy Savings

Is your pump system leaking money?

Many pump systems waste energy and money day after day. Aquazen Services in partnership with Grundfos can help you determine whether your system is one of them. A pump audit will examine the overall efficiency of the existing pump system and reveal how much you could save by optimizing that system.

Focus on Life Cycle Costs

The Grundfos pump audit was born from a wish to promote energy savings and awareness of the real cost of owning and operating pumps. The initial purchase price of a pump system accounts for approximately 5% of its entire cost over its lifetime. Service and maintenance accounts for approximately 10%, leaving energy consumption to account for approximately 85%. When energy consumption accounts for 85% of the total cost, that’s where you can achieve real savings.

There Are Two Types Of Energy Audits:

Pump Audit

A Pump Audit is a full diagnosis of your existing pump system. It measures flow, pressure and power for a defined period of time as set by local authorities, or for a period of time that defines the full profile of water demand – typically one week. Analyzed data reveals the actual load profile of the building, calculates the current system’s efficiency, return on investment and carbon emission reduction. A full water bill analysis is also performed, verifying water consumption for the past two to five years and if available, pump engineering drawings are reviewed. Grundfos will provide you with a recommendation for a properly sized and more efficient system.

Energy Check

An “Energy Check” provides an overview of your pumps energy consumption. The check is based on pump data that can be found on the pumps nameplate, such as flow, pressure and power. It is also based on known factors that impact energy consumption, such as the pumps age and number of operating hours. There is no direct measurement with an energy check. Grundfos will provide you with a recommended pump solution based on experience and historical data.

Contact Aquazen Services to inquire about the pump audit program and start saving energy today!