Kitec Replacement

Quality Over Quantity!

High rise residential buildings have many complex plumbing needs and one of them is Kitec Pipe replacement. From common piping to the systems in place for each unit, there are plenty of components that need regular service in order to avoid an interruption in the supply of water to the hundreds or even thousands of people who call these buildings home.

At Aquazen Services, we specialize in high rise and Kitec plumbing services. We can assist both unit owners and property managers with their various needs, and even offer 24 hours, 7 days per week availability to handle emergencies.

A cornerstone of good condo plumbing is conducting regular and thorough preventative maintenance, especially for Kitec pipes. Property managers often have careful budgets that they must follow while still providing quality services to residents. We understand and can help these managers and their board of directors save thousands on Kitec replacement plumbing repairs and maintenance.

Underlying all of our services is a strong dedication to innovation and effectiveness in the plumbing industry. We can assist both unit owners and property managers with their various Kitec replacement plumbing needs, and even offer Toronto and the GTA a reliable emergency plumbing:24 hour, 7 days a week.

Kitec In Your Condo?

What is the issue with Kitec plumbing?

Between 1990 – 2005, builders in Canada were installing kitec pipe for hot and cold-water lines in condos and houses. After many years this pipe was found to have a defect and there was a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer. Ever since then people have been replacing their kitec pipe.

Does insurance cover kitec replacement plumbing?

Insurance companies sometimes demand that the pipe be removed or the home owner cannot get insurance.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Kitec

Recalled in 2005 Kitec piping has been bursting, causing millions of dollars in floods for the condominium industry.

The Much Safer Alternative

Since the recall condominium owners have been replacing the faulty Kitec pipe with Uponor pipe. Uponor being rated the best and most economical piping for commercial, residential and industrial water systems.

Where Do We Start?

Many homeowners are unaware of this before moving into a condo. Aquazen Services principals will consult and help put together an action plan to replace kitec piping in your condo or residential home.

The Aquazen Team

Aquazen team of plumbers and mechanical technicians have been trained and certified in Uponor installations. Mixed together with exceptional customer service the installation process is worry free to the homeowner.

25 Year Warranty!

Uponor provides a 25 year warranty, adding integrity to its world wide success!

Contact Aquazen Services!

Contact us anytime of the day to get more information on removing kitec pipe and salvaging your investment from disaster.

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