Mitigate Water
Manage Water
Detect Drain Backups
Before It Happens
Energy Efficient

Our Purpose

Aquazen Systems, with the power of Lorawan technology uses low powered and wide are networks to bring dataof our everyday plumbing systems right to the palm of your hand. Mitigate water damage, manage water consumption,get reports on energy consumption, monitor build up in your kitchen stack drains and eliminate over wateringyour lawn. The future of water is here…

Aquazen Flow Meter

The revolutionary Aquazen Flow Meter can be installed at every fixture, or any water source where you would like to get accurate water consumption. The low powered technology allows for power to run off 12V battery and the discreet size allows for easy installation under cabinets, and inside access panels. Aquazen Systems can provide elaborate weekly or monthly reports on water usage, including hot water usage, which can give major insight on how much energy each unit is drawing from the main boiler system.

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Aquazen Kitchen Stack Monitoring

The revolutionary backup detector by Aquazen Systems is designed to be installed downstream of the first unit above the horizontal kitchen stack In a high rise building, when a blockage occurs within the main horizontal stack, the Backup Detector will detect the rising water level and instantly send notice to the property manager or home owner to let them know that a backup is happening. Save valuable time preventing an overflow of sewage water into your homeowners kitchen, the days of being reactive are over.

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  • Change water consumption habits
  • Bring awareness to water wasting
  • Detect drain backups before they happen
  • Larger properties save thousands per year
  • Prevent a flood by being notified instantly
  • Extremely low installation costs
  • Manage Hot Water Consumption
  • Automate Irrigation System
  • Eliminate Irrigation Over Watering