Aquazen Systems

Introducing Aquazen Systems

Kitchen Sink Backups?

Never deal with kitchen sink floods again. Eliminate those late night flood calls.

Kitchen Stack Flushing?

Don’t guess when to perform stack flushing for your building. Let our analytics tell you when it is time! Do them every 2, 5 or even 10 years, at least your homeowners are protected.

Protect Your Condo's Infrastructure

Save your home owners from dealing with this inevitable disaster. Your insurance company will thank you.

The Problem?

Kitchen Sink Floods?

When a flood occurs due to a clogged kitchen stack, its so difficult to stop the water because you really don’t know who’s using the water!!

Every Second Counts!

The time it takes to have a plumber access the valves, shut and drain the water in a safe and timely manner can be hours !

Millions of Dollars in Claims

This pesky problem has frustrated condo corporations for years and has resulted in millions of dollars of insurance claims.

You Will Never Know!

Your sink could of backed up without you ever knowing. Ecoli and Salmonella are only some of the different bacteria’s that can back up into your sink

Who Can Stop The Water?

How come in this modern world of technology we are still playing the “hope” game? Hoping a backup wont happen to your kitchen sink, and if it does, how can you communicate to your neighbor above to stop using water?

Its Your Investment

Your home is your safe space, we are living in a reactive state and it is time we are protected by the dirty demons that live in sewage water.

The Solution

Prevent the Flood

Backwater valves are tried tested and true technology. Aquazen Systems has teamed up with the most premium and high quality manufacturer of BWV. Prevent the water from over flowing your sink with our BWV system.

Detect The Water

Let our systems tell you when water is present in a backflow situation. Real time communication right to your phone, monitor the situation as it progresses.

Notify The Right People

Notify people above the blockage, that a problem exists and to stop using the water!

Communicate With The Building Plumber

Keep your plumber in the loop identifying where the blockage is before he gets there, efficiency!

Disaster Averted

The plumber can access the necessary locations to snake the main stack and relive the blockage, mitigating andy chances of flood.

Peace of Mind

While all this is going on, have peace of mind that the potential hazard is being detected, monitored and resolved.