Non Invasive Pipe Rejuvenation (CIPP)

Preserve Your Infrastructure!

Ageing pipes are an unavoidable part of property ownership. Whether your real estate is brand new or has been around for a while, the pipes under your home and running through your yard will eventually age, which could cause inconvenient damage and expenses for you and your family.

When pipes fail, the result is usually always the same: your yard turns into a construction zone, your property undergoes costly excavations, and your property may even become unusable for a long period of time. This can be a huge inconvenience, whether the property is a home or a commercial space. Depending on the nature of the damage, it could take weeks or even months for the repair to be completely finished. With trenchless technology, you may be able to avoid all of that cost and hassle.

If you have an ageing sanitary system, Aquazen can help you proactively maintain your drains before they turn into a problem. Through video inspections and careful assessment, we can evaluate your current needs and propose a course of action that can help you avoid torn-up yards and driveways. We provide you with a video of your inspection, so that you can see for yourself the system’s current condition.

Our services not only avoid inconvenience for you, they are also far more affordable than costly excavations and repairs. Our processes involve minimal disruptions and do not require us to tear up huge portions of your yard or driveway.

Don’t Tear Up Your Property

The Right Experience!

Aquazen ‘s experienced installers have the proper training and experience to get the job done right.

No Digging!

Trenchless repair means your floors, trees, yard, deck, and driveway are left untouched. Our system costs you less time, less mess, and less money!

Permanent Solution

By creating a pipe-inside-a-pipe, the CIPP process offers you a permanent solution – no more hard scale build-up or root intrusion.

All Done From The Inside!

Preserving infrastructure is rooted in our core values. Aquzen has the ability to renew your drain pipe from the inside, eliminating all the hassle that comes with excavating your infrastructure.

Drain Lining Solutions!

A Proven Technology

Naturally, over time, your sewer lines and plumbing systems are going to fail. This can be due to natural decay, or the intrusion of tree roots, but either way, the damage will do more than just affect the flow of your water. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage and leave you unable to drain water for weeks. A proper CIPP system’s uses an advanced eco-friendly epoxy lining method that repairs damaged or corroded drainage pipes while renewing the structural integrity of the pipes.

The benefits of this kind of pipe repair, or pipe lining as it’s referred to, is that it’s cost effective and will cause minimal disruption, while leaving your floors and finished property free of damage. In most cases we only require a single entry point by which we insert the epoxy cured in place pipe (CIPP). An eco-safe, affordable, and cleaner alternative to ripping out and replacing your pipes—backed by a 50-year design lifespan, and no leaching or wearing down!

In fact, most customers on average save 15-25% when they choose to use CIPP pipe liner instead of installing or replacing with new pipes. Between construction fees, cleanup costs, digging trenches and materials for sewer repair, the old process can cost a fortune and result in weeks of headaches! Beyond saving money, you’re saving yourself time, stress, and the cost of possible future repairs on the untouched replacement pipe.

For a fast, affordable, guaranteed solution for pipelining systems in desperate need of repair, reach out to the company providing efficient solutions and successful results.

Fix Your Pipes From The Inside!

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