Drain Repair Toronto

Drain Repair in Toronto in Ontario is a common solution to pipe failure for home owners, property managers and condominium associations. Over time, pipes are and begin to fail for a number of reasons including root intrusion, cracks, misaligned joints, corrosion and buildup. Often, owners will look for quick fixes that include jetting and snaking to open the pipes up to allow for drainage. These pipes are still susceptible to same the failure they were experiencing in the first place because a long-term solution has not been provided.

Sewer pipelining is a long-term solution to pipe failure for Toronto area property owners. It is an eco-friendly solution that does not require digging up yards, finished landscaping or foundation.

Drain Repair Toronto Method

The drain repair method begins with a sewer inspection with a drain camera to identify the issue and the size and length of the pipe. Once the information is know, the existing pipe will be cleaned to remove and roots, buildup or blockages. This prepares the pipe for a new CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining to be installed into the existing pipe without destruction.

The best part about CIPP lining for Toronto properties, is that it is done in less time than traditional replacement.

In most cases we only require a single entry point by which we insert the epoxy cured in place pipe (CIPP). An eco-safe, affordable, and cleaner alternative to ripping out and replacing your pipes—backed by a 50-year design lifespan, and no leaching or wearing down!

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