In Toronto, winter can wreck havoc on plumbing systems for many reasons. Two of the leading causes of plumbing problems in Toronto over the winter months is freezing and thawing pipes, as well as backups due to overuse.

With the winter comes the holiday season where we see more people at home using plumbing that could already be experiencing problems.

Toronto Pipes

Here are 3 Ways to Prepare your Pipes for Winter in Toronto:

1 – Inspect and Clean Your Plumbing Before an Emergency

Older plumbing has inside a home, business or pipes outside leading to the main can have cracks, buildup and blockages. When these systems start to be overworked due to an increase in usage, they tend to backup and create a big problem for property owners or managers, especially if this is during Christmas, New Years or a Holiday Celebration. It can be difficult to get emergency plumbing in Toronto in a situation like this. This is why we recommend regular inspection and cleaning of pipe systems to ensure they are working efficiently and to minimize the risk of backups.

2 – Winterize Pipes Inside or Outside of Your Property

Before the temperature drops in Ontario, outside plumbing should be turned off, garden hoses should be disconnected drained and stored. Sprinkler lines should also be drained and shutoff as only a tiny bit of water could cause the line to freeze and crack. If there are any openings from outside including crawl spaces where cold air can get to pipes, be sure to isolate them to prevent potential freezing.

3 – Install Aquazen Flow Meter on your Property

Our solutions allow us to wirelessly manage water usage and water wastage from any water source including detecting leaks during non usage. The technology also allows you to detect a kitchen stack drain backup before it happens, save valuable time and money. These are great systems for property managers to utilize to be proactive and reduce flood and damage related claims.

In today’s modern world Aquazen Services is focused on providing regular maintenance, trouble shooting and full non invasive pipe restoration for the condo and commercial industry. Taking advantage of over 20 years experience with non invasive pipe restoration methods and regular plumbing maintenance our senior management team are always providing free and professional plumbing consultation.

Contact us today to prepare your pipes for the winter months.



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